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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re: 2nd try

Why this didn't go through?

On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Gene and Mary Long <> wrote:

Dear «Custom Field 1»

"Don't point at the moon!" a Yellow Leaf kid reprimanded Mary recently. "Your finger will rot off."
Fear or worship of the sun, moon, stars and other things in the sky is common in cultures around the world. Things that can't be controlled, eaten, destroyed or even touched by us often have this effect on people. The Yellow Leaf are no exception, and they start teaching their children early.
Offhand comments that the Yellow Leaf people make often give us some good insights into what they are teaching the kids, and what they themselves believe. It's also good feedback for us to know where we need to concentrate our teaching.
What would you suggest we do after hearing the above remark?
Mr. In (pronounced "in") is a Yellow Leaf man who is recovering from TB. His most recent tests have shown him free from the infection, but not the effects. He has lost most of the function of one of his lungs and is pretty much tethered to an oxygen concentrator for most of the day – or is supposed to be. He gets to feeling better, turns off the machine and wanders off to find a smoke. . . Bad habits are hard to shake!
We are thankful that his recent checkups at the hospital have been good, and that he was able to endure the time away from supplemental oxygen so well – maintaining a safe level of oxygen in his blood for the entire day. It probably helped, of course, that he wasn't smoking, but there's no telling him that.
Please continue to pray for us as we share the Good News with him and the other Yellow Leaf people who live here. And, thank you for sharing in the burdens of this work with your love, prayers and gifts. We are so thankful for the $«Custom Field 2» that you have sent us over the last two months.
You can click the link here to see some pictures of Lapat Joy, the special needs Yellow Leaf girl who is being cared for at Hope Home in Chiang Mai City, Thailand. Please keep her in your prayers.
We were last back in the States in 2007. Seems like only yesterday. . . But, we are now making tentative plans to come back again for a short time next year. We'd like to arrive the first part of August 2011 and stay through at least part of October the same year. Please pray with us as we look into purchasing tickets, lining up meetings and all the other details that have to be worked out. In case you haven't guessed, we're very excited!
Thank you again for being a part of our lives.
«Custom Field 3»
«Custom Field 4»

Gene and Mary Long
203 M. 13 Ban Bunyuen
T. Ban Wiang A. Rong Kwang
Phrae 54140

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